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This is a picture of concrete works in Hayward.

Concrete is preferred due to its tenacity and how long it can survive external forces such as weather changes. However, sometimes it becomes beat and worn-out after being trodden on continuously and for many years. When it does and starts showing some annoying patches, a concrete expert such as Hayward Concrete and Masonry can give it a new look and face value through concrete resurfacing in Hayward.

To talk to Hayward Concrete and Masonry about resurfacing your concrete surfaces, call 510-907-7057 today. Do not hesitate to leave us a detailed inquiry message and your info on the contact form on this page, too, and we shall revert with a free quote.

About Us

Hayward Concrete and Masonry, as the name suggests, is a concrete and masonry company with just the right contractors for your needs. We are a concrete contractor that everyone goes to when they need patios, driveways, and retaining walls and foundations that can last for decades. Also, we are your go-to masonry contractor whenever you need services such as bricklaying or construction of walkways, pathways, steps, and outdoor kitchen features.

About Our Concrete Resurfacing Services

Concrete resurfacing refers to removing the top layer of a concrete surface, sealing off minor cracks, and creating a new surface without replacing the whole cover. A resurfacing material that looks and acts as normal concrete is used, and some special bonding agents are added to allow it to form a connection with the existing concrete. This ensures that a strong and cohesive surface is created in the process.

One major benefit of resurfacing concrete is that a resurfaced surface can extend for another 15 years before developing another crack. If it is done well and by a competent contractor, you will not need to replace your driveway or patio surface because of some ugly patches that keep reappearing. Get Hayward Concrete and Masonry to do the work for you and enjoy service with a difference.

Hayward Concrete and Masonry is here to offer you concrete resurfacing services as may be needed. Concrete resurfacing is the preferred method of giving the concrete a new face by rehabilitating its tone because there is no need for reconstructing the whole structure, thereby spending less on it. Before we resurface your concrete surfaces, however, we ensure to evaluate them well to ascertain that it was the right call.

Our resurfacing options include:

  • Bonded Resurfacing: With bonded resurfacing, plain cement concrete slurry or grout are used for bonding the old and new layer. To make the concrete mix, Portland cement and water are used.
  • Unbonded Resurfacing: This method is preferable in areas where the underlying layer is too weak and highly distressed.

The Process

The common steps to concrete resurfacing are:

  • Cleaning: where the old surface is washed using a power washer to clear grime and dirt.
  • Repairing the cracks then follows with priming the cracks, reinforcing the fabric, and then covering it with polymer concrete.
  • Repairing the holes with epoxy mortar.
  • Covering the surface follows once all the repairs are done, and the surface is primed and covered with the resurfacer or primer concrete.
  • Coloring and sealing then follow. Decorative coloring can be applied if one desires, so while a seal coat may also be applied to protect the new surface.
  • After all the steps, it is time for curing, which may be between 48-72 hours to ensure that the surface dries up completely.

Resurfacing old concrete works perfectly if there is a need to:

  • Address discoloration
  • Fix cracking
  • Hide surface imperfections
  • Cover unsightly concrete
  • Update outdated finishes

Hayward Concrete and Masonry have all the requisite skills, experience, tools, equipment, and technology to get it done. Talk to us and let our experts assess the surface that you want to be reinvigorated, after which they will draft a free quote for you. Drop us a call and let us get consulting.

You can dial our main phone line 510-907-7057 or leave us an inquiry message and your info on the quote form on this page.