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This is image shows turf installation work in Hayward, CA.

Artificial turf has a long history and has been in use for more than sixty years. The material used to create turf imitate grass, and the purpose is to create the feeling of real grass without the hassle of its maintenance and upkeep. The best example of artificial turf is the playground, sports stadium, arenas, and other spaces. 

Over time, the application of fake grass has increased, and nowadays, it is widely used to cover even smaller areas like bedroom balcony, patio, lawns, or any indoor space. They are increasingly being used as decorative items rather than for their minimal maintenance and natural looks. 

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Raw Materials for Turf

Raw materials have a major role in the construction of artificial turf. The widely used material is polyesters, plastics, and fibers. There are different specifications for quality products, and high-quality turf experts use polyester tire cord for the backing. The faux grass is made up of fibers like nylon or polypropylene. The type of grass required is manufactured in different ways to look like natural grass. The nylon blades are carefully cut into thin sheets to give it the look of real grass. 

The artificial turf is very comfortable and soothing to walk upon as the cushioning system is incorporated for comfort. 

Turf Installation Basics

Concrete or compacted soil is the ideal base for turf installation. The base is first leveled by a bulldozer and then leveled before carrying out the actual installation process. If the surface is not leveled, then it will show up even after the turf is installed. For outdoor applications, a proper drainage system is installed for the passage of water. 

As artificial turf, also known as astroturf, is increasingly used in sports fields, a proper quality control test is carried out for the safety and the comfort of the sportsperson. The turf, which is used in homes and offices are also no less in terms of quality. It is equally comfortable and safe for home and office uses. Development is continuously taking place to improve the applications of turf, which also helps in maintaining environmental benefits in place. 

Turf Design Ideas

You can use turf for creating a rooftop garden if you are fond of a garden and do not have a good outdoor space. The dream of having a garden can be fulfilled with a rooftop lawn when you cannot grow it in reality on your rooftop. The rooftop garden also keeps the indoors cool, and you can have a pleasant stay inside, even in summers. There is no strict condition for the maintenance and upkeep of artificial turf. 

If you have a concrete balcony, you can turn it into a lush green space. Apartments and flats having balconies are popular in cities. Often these areas are not used and overlooked; hence it is a great way to use them. A green platform under your foot will keep you near nature. You can enjoy this outdoor space with minimal additions like chairs and some potted plants. 

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