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Hayward Stone Masonry

professional contractor working on stone masonry

At Hayward Concrete and Masonry we want to help provide you with a quality and enjoyable outdoor space. One popular request we receive for this is our general stone masonry services, which can include anything from fire pits to staircases to general structures and so on. Let’s put it this way – anything that you need to be built using stone, we will be able to provide it to you at an affordable cost. Contact us at (510) 907-7057 now.

Please read on to find out more about the general Hayward stone masonry services that we offer here at Hayward Concrete and Masonry.

Why Should You Consider Our Stone Masonry Services?

At Hayward Concrete and Masonry we understand the importance of having high-quality stone structures on your property, and structures that are built with quality labor and materials so that they will stand the test of time. We can do fire pits, general building structures, staircases, walls, and so on.


The first step to the creation of your backyard fire pit or stone structure or wall will be a consultation. It is important that our technicians get an idea of exactly what it is that you are looking for so they can help make your vision a reality. After consulting with you on what you are looking for and choosing the right materials for the job our technicians will arrive at your residence and begin work promptly.

We will begin by preparing the soil and marking off the area where the fire pit will go. Next, we will level the area creating a strong foundation for your fire pit to ensure that no erosion will occur in the soil beneath it which could lead to cracking. Once we are confident that a sturdy foundation has been created our technicians will be able to get to work on laying the fire pit.

Our Process

Once the soil has been leveled our expert technicians will begin the process of building your required stone structure. Depending on what you need or what the landscape is like the process may vary some. The length of time will also vary depending on how much work needs to be completed, but we try to have everything done within a week.

Materials Used

At Hayward Concrete and Masonry we offer both stamped concrete and traditional brick for our material options. Stamped concrete will consist of concrete being poured and stamped with the pattern of your choosing, while traditional brick will be built using bricks of your choosing. No matter what type of stone structure you choose, our experts will work with you to ensure that only the best materials are used for your project.

They will advise you on any concrete additives needed or which bricks and mortars are needed to be durable over many years and much use for a fire pit. We believe in quality materials and sturdy construction in all our work and our experts understand that due to the nature of their use of fire pits require some additional considerations.

Hayward Concrete and Masonry have the best masonry contractors, so call us now at (510) 907-7057.